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Individual consultation, precision diagnostics, and personalized recommendations.

We are your natural health experts.

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Personalized Science

Natural health guidelines tailored to your unique body chemistry.

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Our Services

Telephonic consultation with board-certified practitioners, lab testing, and individualized health insights and diet, exercise, and natural supplement recommendations.


Getting Started

Create an account, complete a brief health questionnaire, and schedule your initial telephonic consultation. We'll guide you from there.


Our team has advised over 25,000 individuals on natural approaches to improving their health.

Hear their stories.

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"After getting my chronic pain under control, I am now back to martial arts. No more medication for me!"

- JS, Valdosta, GA

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“No matter what I tried, anxiety and depression seemed to find me. Then, with the help of NxSignature, we found a genetic trait that was holding me back. Now, for the first time in my adult life, I look forward to life and found happiness”

- ND, Phoenix, Arizona

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“I can sleep again AND wake up feeling rested for the first time in many years. Thanks Nx!"

- KJ, Page, Arizona

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“Fatigue and some insomnia were ruining my life. Now, with a few supplements and diet changes, I am back on the golf course and enjoying my life again.”

- CJ, Crystal Lake, Illinois